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Gostosa was started by two friends from Brazil with a passion for life and a love of sweets. From its vibrant people to its intoxicating music, Brazil is a mash up of ingredients, flavours and cultures that come together with a passion unlike any other. Never is this truer than with the brigadeiro.

These tantalizingly smooth handmade treats bring together the best ingredients with a raw energy that can´t be denied. So share them with family, spoil friends and indulge lovers. It´s ok to get a little messy.




Discover our Brigadeiros


Discover our


Our Flavours


Our Flavours

Handmade with the best all-natural ingredients, there’s a Gostosa brigadeiro for everyone and any desire.
And they’re gluten free, so go ahead and enjoy.


Our Prices

Our Prices


However many you need, we can satisfy your desire.

Our gift


The perfect way to ignite a little passion between family, friends, lovers and partners.

. box with 6 brigadeiros:    $ 15,00 – max 1 flavors

. box with 12 brigadeiros:    $ 25,00 – max 2 flavors

 . box with 15 brigadeiros: $ 30,00 – max 2 flavors 

. box with 24 brigadeiros:    $ 40,00 – max 3 flavors

. box with 30 brigadeiros: $ 50,00 – max 3 flavors

 . 5 boxes with 2 brigadeiros per box:    $ 25.00 – max 2 flavors

 . 3 boxes with 4 brigadeiros per box:    $ 30.00 – max 2 flavors









Our Party


Gostosa brigadeiros make the perfect treat for special moments, from weddings and birthday parties to baby showers and even corporate events. Contact us for special requests and customized options. We’d love to explore with you.

. box with 50 brigadeiros: $ 80,00

. box with 75 brigadeiros: $ 120,00

. box with 100 brigadeiros: $ 160,00

Minimum of 10 brigadeiros per flavour.



Get in touch

We would love to hear from you!

Order at:  brigadeiro@gostosa.ca

Or call us at:  + 1 416 722 1243 or  +1 647 864 3030

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